Organic Foods – The key to longevity

In the modern world, food habits have changed for almost everyone. People are more focused on organic and healthier diets to improve the longevity of their life.  Feeding a growing number of people without disturbing the natural balance is now more important than ever. The masses are gradually being taught the steps of every carbon footprint, so they are turning to sustainable lifestyles.

If one is striving to get better, the daily diet is important – small steps can lead to a big change. Mindful nutrition is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it has been scientifically confirmed that the ancient diet is proven to be more effective in increasing the longevity of man. One common pattern of diet among early civilizations was the high intake of nuts, grains, and seeds and the consumption of meat only on special occasions.

The Harappans of ancient Indian civilization cultivated the kernels, and their primary source was of food was grain. Along with these, the Harappans are known as the major consumers of fruits, vegetables, and diets such as honey as part of their diet. The importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored when searching for healthy and sustainable food options. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables by chewing them has proven to be much healthier than boiling them before eating them.

Similarly, the ancient American culture of the Incans also used a heavily plant-based diet that included beans, potatoes, squash, and quinoa, while the meat was banned on special days. Ancient Egyptian communities that lived on the other side of the Nile River ate only vegetarian food – thanks to the abundance of food from the Nile River.

If we examine the ancient diet of ancient civilizations – we can see a clear pattern of vegetarian-based foods being eaten regularly. Pulses and letters contribute to the requirements of the amino acid profile. On the other hand, nuts, seeds, and grains are high in cysteine ​​and methionine which contribute to the essential amino acids of sulfur. These plant-based foods provide a healthy protein requirement for the body, which also helps our bodies break down the complex protein components found in animal-based diets.

While eating meat is not a bad thing, doing so by completely separating plant-based diets is not only unhealthy but will also affect the balance of nature. If one is on a journey to a sustainable lifestyle, keeping traditional foods with plenty of plant foods is very important.

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