Kashmiri Shilajit

Pronouncing its origin in the contours of the silhouettes of  Himalayas, Kashmiri Shilajit is a natural compose, extracted after the decomposition of the flora over a period by the enactment of the useful bacterium and microbes on them.

It is a dietary sequel to a balanced regimen and is under nature’s lock and key of safety. Shilajit is of the potential grade for the sapiens tenacity. Its characteristic of restoring the energetic balance is vouched for by the assimilators in addition to their vouch of it for increasing the immunity of the system.

Kashmiri Shilajit has an amazing contribution in increasing the cognitive ability of the system and controlling them as well. It  is also  great for reversing aging in men and women. The fulvic acid present in it opens an avenue for Alzheimer’s therapy too.

Considering the range of medical benefits demonstrated by this natural concoction in brown, medical science is elaboratively researching its potential use for neurological disorders. The trials at the biological levels are taken up in addition to the clinical try-outs.

Other common traditional uses of Shilajit include its action in genitourinary disorders, jaundice, digestive disorders, enlarged spleen, epilepsy, nervous disorders, chronic bronchitis, and anaemia. Shilajit has been also useful for the treatment of kidney stones, edema,  haemorrhoids, as an internal antiseptic, and to reduce anorexia. Also, it is used in India as a synergistic enhancer of other drugs. Organic components of shilajit also play a role in transporting different mineral substances to their cellular targets.

Shilajit’s wide use as an antiallergic, antioxidant, cognitive, and memory enhancer, antidiabetic, anxiolytic, immunomodulator, anti- analgesic, antifungal, ability to interact positively with other drugs, and as a neuroprotective agent against cognitive disorders raises its usability many notches.

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