Reasons Buying Handmade is More Sustainable

1. It Helps Support the Local Economy Every single time you buy handmade know that, you help support the local

Tips for Creating the look

Creating a smart and versatile casual and dress-wear ensemble is a challenging skill to acquire. Fortunately, we have compiled a

Celebrate women with us!

March is the time to break out the confetti and streamers – celebrate the incredible women in our lives. From

Art & Healing

Whether you passion hard on a paper mache painting or mindlessly scribble on a sheet of paper, art, in any

Handmade – A Luxury

Handmade is a made by hand article supported by non-automated related tools like scissors, carving implements, or hooks. Each handmade

Gift handmade in this season of love

In these times of concrete construct when everything is machine made and quick, something personal and thoughtful is a luxury

Kaftans from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Kaftan has an Arabic origin. It is a synonym of royalty and elegance. If you are looking for a breezy

Men’s Kurta from Maizah by Hands of Gold

Kurta is not an attire, it is a style statement unique to the wearer and how he carries it. The

Co-ord Sets from Maizah by Hands of Gold

There is no easier way to get dressed than with co-ords. If you enjoy clothing that allows you to spend

Patterns of a Kashmiri Embroidery

Kashmiri embroidery is as rich as Kashmir’s contoured beauty. It is an artwork of the finest threads woven on the

Kashmiri Shilajit

Pronouncing its origin in the contours of the silhouettes of the natural contours of the Himalayas. Kashmiri Shilajit is a

Who Wears Maizah?

Maizah is the personification of the discerning taste of the Independent and assertive women deeply connected to their roots. Women

Uses of Honey

The healthy alternative to sugar: Mindful eating is a new and welcome trend influenced by the lifestyle and fitness experts

Four Immunity building Combo’s from Hands of Gold

Cold pressed Oil Combo: The retention of antioxidants and having the potion devoid of free radicals retains the vital elements

Maizah by Hands of Gold

Maizah is a tale of love for the discerning taste of the meticulously crafted ensembles speaking volumes and sonnets of

Gift Handmade warmth this Diwali

Diwali is the one time when it’s completely justified to go all out – whether it’s for shopping for new

Hands of Gold’s Sustainable Gift Options for Diwali

In India, regardless of any festival, occasion, or event, the one thing that remains constant is the tradition of gifting.

Gift a Diwali of Love, Health & Happiness to your loved ones

Hands of Gold brings to you the best, the valley has to offer. Its products include one of the rarest

Celebrate Navratri with us!

As the temperature drops and we bid adieu to summer, the festive fervour is in full swing across the country.

Kahwa as a Diwali Beverage

The Festival of lights come with the start of fall.  It is the warmth of togetherness, festivity and lights when

The Story of the Fibers of Pashmina

Pashmina is the handwoven luxury that holds its wearer in a heavenly warmth. Raw wool or Cashmere is found in

Diwali Gift Hampers

This Diwali bring home a medley of gift hamper products assorted lovingly in the Himalayan chest by Hands of Gold.

The Secret of Keeping Your Pashmina for Decades

The heavenly opulence and delicate texture of pashmina with rich hand embroideries and complex hand weaves have been an integral

Emotions of a Kashmiri Kaarigar

Kashmir has always been a center piece of charm and appeal. Its exotic exclusivity with mystical undertone has been consistently

Cold Pressed Kashmiri Apricot Oil

Apricot grown on the contours of Kashmir is one of the best and finest apricots of the World.  Apricot oil,

Persian Influence On Kashmiri Handicraft

The Kashmiri craft not only absorbed local tradition beautifully but is also an infusion of the Persian culture. The clear

Kashmiri Walnut Oil

Believed to be brain food, Kashmiri walnut oil is a condiment rich in omega-3 fatty acids. When cold pressed, the

Summer Gulkand Recipes

“Gulkand is a traditional sun-cooked rose jam that is known for its cooling and pitta-pacifying properties. A spoon of Gulkand

Benefits of Gulkand – the summer cooler

Every food has a potency of one or another kind, Gulkand’s clausal property happens to be its propensity for cooling

Introducing Gulkand – the rose preserve of Kashmir

Made with the aromatic, spring rose of Kashmir, Hands of Gold’s Gulkand is a master coolant. Add it to your

Ideas to Spruce up Space at Hands of Gold

Space has a great deal of influence on the mood of an individual. Bland space and dull colours plummet the

Honey for the Face

Honey, a plant matter is a powerhouse of ingredients with a spectrum of uses. Valuable for cosmetic uses such as

Gifting Idea at Hands of Gold

The bestowal of salt and pepper is God’s way to add spice to the bland life. It is an assortment

Chinar Engraved Kashmiri Izband Soz

The Kashmiri incense holder and burner is a crafted essence of the timeless and articulate Kashmiri culture. An intrinsic part

Kashmiri Nosh Treaties to Tease Your Taste Buds With

Kashmir is a bowl of exotic Himalayan fold foods of major consumables to the dressers to the flavour multipliers. These

Story of the Kashmiri Willow

Willow in essence is a sapling obtained by sowing its germinal into the deep mountainous soils of Kashmir. Its fine,

Kashmiri Shilajit

Pronouncing its origin in the contours of the silhouettes of  Himalayas, Kashmiri Shilajit is a natural compose, extracted after the

Kashmiri ‘’Kong- e- Kahwa’’ Recipe

Kahwa is an amber-coloured essence of Kashmir, a well-combined potion brewed to ceed a concentrated, nectared bliss. The constituents of

The Enticing Almond Oil

This nutty extract of the crusted canvas can be your holy grail for hair and skincare. It gets you a

Kashmiri Tadka Masala

A concoction of the spices of the contours mixed in a traditional demeanor into a Kashmiri Ver. The process starts

Four-Honey Categories Under the Hands of Gold Label

Honey, an amber-colored concoction, expressed from the honeycombs of the valley is the legacy of the hills, ensembling hearts lastingly.

The Oily way!

Our cold-pressed oils with an enhanced aroma of the seeds make it a true luxury to indulge in. Choosing these

Cashmere Stoles

This Maizah from Kashmir is a personification of the warmth of the people of Kashmir. These handpicked woollen threads rolled

The sealed nectar, Honey

Image source: Archana GS Honey of the consistency of velvet, expressed from the honeycombs of Kashmir is one of the

Kashmiri Almond Oil (Cold-pressed)

Made from 100% Kashmiri mamra almond kernel, almond oil comes into existence after an elaborate process of the cold press.

Brief Royal History Aari Embroidery

Fascinated by the floral motifs exclusively and by architecture, paintings, and murals, comprehensively, the Mughal era witnessed an origin of

The gleaming earthy-brown, Copperware.

The ethnic Kashmir is inconceivable without the vermillion of Kashmiri red chilies and winter vegetables drying on the windowsill of

Golden threads of Tilla.

Seeded in the hamlet of Zari in Iran, acclimation of the Tilla threads of malleable gold and silver happened in

Brief history and essence of Saffron.

Saffron, a crimson spice grown in the brown-mahogany-colored Karewa soil of Pampore attains the inception of its beauty methodically from

‘Paper mache – The craft of pulped paper’

These are ought to spark delight and discussion. Many artists register the scenes of their day-to-day by pouring them out

Kashmiri kahwa – The golden brew!

With a very thin muzak of rabab in the background, Kahwa in Kashmiri homes is steeped in the copper samovars,

Organic Foods – The key to longevity

In the modern world, food habits have changed for almost everyone. People are more focused on organic and healthier diets

A Brief History of Honey

One of the oldest foods known to mankind, Honey has been around for thousands of years.  Archaeological research has confirmed

5 Handicrafts that you must buy

Since time immemorial, India is famous for its distinctive art and culture, consisting of a diverse way of lifestyle. Ranging

Benefits of Cold pressed oil

A lot has been already said about the various benefits of cold pressed oils. Being a better alternative more nutritious

Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Since old occasions, honey has been utilized as both food and medication. It is exceptionally high in advantageous plant mixtures

Results of Scientific Research on Saffron

Saffron, also known as the “Sun Spice,” a fascinating plant known for its herbal properties. For ages, Saffron has been

The Chequered History of Pashmina Shawls

The name comes from the Persian word Pashmina, meaning “made from wool”. The Pashmina wool comes from different breeds of