Kashmir, land of the gifted and creative – it carries centuries worth of textile, perishables, and art which are seldom seen but often craved. This realisation became a calling for us, to act as instigators for the Kaarigar, encouraging them to create better things, to grow more and worry less. Today, we steadily work to expand their outreach in the world by building an exclusive supply chain for admirers who seek quality, purity and purpose in all that they purchase. For any company, their most valued asset is the buyers. But for us, it’s the creators and the buyers in equal parts.

Hands of Gold is home to a universe of products that exude culture and craftsmanship. It is our humble attempt to help misprized Kashmiri artisans make their way into millions of homes. And as for you, the admirer, we live to make you experience all that is unique, rare, and culturally exclusive.

Hands of Gold is an initiative by FIL Industries Private Limited, the leading private business conglomerate of J&K. Through this venture, it aims to create opportunities that bring the best of Kashmir’s rich and centuries-old heritage and culture to the world. It does this by bringing together artists, products, contemporary designs, and the expertise all under one roof.


Does the cloth that you dress in feel true to your skin? Ever tasted something so pure that you’re willing to sin, just for a little more?
Does your home express itself in a way that needn’t be defined but felt?

We, at Hands of Gold, intend to intensify the very fabric of your atmosphere.
To enrich it with rare and unique marvels of Kashmir that dissolve your senses, leaving you with nothing but a longing for more.


Recognise Kaarigars for their true value while showcasing their unique craft and talent.

Revive the handicrafts industry and reintroduce the Kaarigar’s Art as a sustainable career.

Raise an enterprise that strives for flourishment of Kashmiri Crafts and global recognition.

Reposition the handicrafts sector and give it a voice of its own with Kaarigars as key stakeholders


Apart from the hundreds of artists, weavers, and horticulturists, here are a few other faces that work tirelessly at Hands of Gold for you.
Hands of Gold is Sadaf’s efforts to take the best of Kashmir to the world. A dynamic team leader, Sadaf has nurtured Hands of Gold since its inception and has taken it to the next level. She possesses a keen eye for detail and the passion of an entrepreneur.


Backed with over 30 years of experience with leading global brands, Tasaduq is responsible for product designing and selection, quality, and business development. He ensures that every Hands of Gold product is worth possessing by our valued customers.


Iqra takes care of all branding, marketing and PR activities of Hands of Gold ensuring that the brand is on track as per the organization’s brand values and aims.


The youngest member of our team, Ubaid assists in implementation and execution of all branding and marketing activities.